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The Academic Coordinating Committee of the Master's degree is responsible for establishing the horizontal teaching coordination regarding the contents and sequencing of the subjects and subject-matters within each module.

For the adequate execution of its agreements they have designed a coordinating professor to each subject, His/her main commitment is to manage and supervise the production of the teaching guide, uniting the suggestions and proposals of the participating professors in the teaching of the subject, as well as reconcile and resolve any possible disagreements or incoherences that may be observed; he/she also assumes management work, supervision of materials and bibliographic support that must be provided to students, attend their possible complaints and suggestions regarding the subject, prepare and coordinate the specific content of the assessment tests, ensure the fulfilment of the calendars and mechanisms of reception and handing out of works previously announced to students and supervising and proposing to the Academic Coordinating Committee the assessment and qualifications of the subject, gathering together the different activities and tests carries out.

The Academic Coordinating Committee, aside from providing the guidelines for horizontal coordination, assumes the vertical coordination of the degree, establishes the methodological teaching and assessment criteria, organises and coordinates joint training activities, plans and arranges the academic offer, the calendar, schedule and timetables for each course and appoints the assessment committee of the Master's Degree Final Project. 


Composition Members Appointment Date Agreement Phone (Ext.) E-Mail
Directora Rosa Mª Cibrián Ortiz de Anda     64157
PDI Facundo Ballester Pallarés     44216
PDI Joan Vila Frances 16/07/2015   43398
PDI Javier Vijande Asenjo 11/02/2016 AJFF2016/20 43883
PDI Emilio Higón Rodríguez     44577
PAS Mª Ángeles Saez Miralles 13/07/2018 AJFF2018/38                                     
PAS Suplente Purificación Monparler Marí 13/07/2018 AJFF2018/38 43300