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General information

The Master's Degree final project (TFM) must be an original study and should have as an objective a topic related with the content of the Master's. With the TFM is intended that students acquire and practice skills for researching and managing useful documents for the understanding and research on the prevention of labor risks, for building and manage databases related to preventive activities, for raising relevant and valid hypotheses in relation to a problem of knowledge in labor risk prevention, for applying quantitative or qualitative research techniques in the study and evaluation of the phenomena of interest for the prevention, for analysing critically the design, results and conclusions of research studies related to the prevention of labor risks, for evaluating the hypotheses and raised objectives, for structuring and write structured reports about the data and information obtained from their work, including findings with practical implications for the prevention of labor risks and for the presentation and oral defense of their project.

One of the objectives of the subject “Methodology and Research Techniques” (compulsory, 3 credits), studied at the beginning of the second year of the Master's is to provide students the knowledge and skills that will help them to develop their TFM.

From the different teaching departments of the Master's (Labour and Social Security Law, Analytical Chemistry, Applied Physics and Electromagnetism, Microbiology and Ecology, Social Psychology, Sociology and Social Anthropology, Methodology of Behavioural Sciences, Preventive Medicine, and Public Health) are proposed and reviewed annually a list of tutors and topics for preparing the TFM. The students choose a topic and a tutor for their TFM by order of average mark of the academic record of the Master's, at the beginning of the second academic year.

There is additional information about the criteria and procedures for the development and assessment of the TFM in the Aula Virtual.