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The Master's Degree in Occupational Health and Safety includes in its programme a subject called “Work placement”, which is a compulsory subject that accounts for 15 credits (internship length of approximately 300 hours).

The aim of these interships is to give the student a real working experience in a professional area, particularly in occupational heatlh and safety in all sectors.

External interships typically start in the second semester of the academic year, after the student has completed the theoretical training. During the intership period the student will have a tutor assigned by the University (one of the professors of the master) and other from the company which is a person designated by the company and works together with the academic tutor.

Placement centres are carefully selected each year by the Master’s Academic Coordinating Committee from the offers sent by ADEIT (University-Business Foundation) to guarantee that the intership is the most suitable to the academical requirement for the future degree holders. For the same purpose, particular attention will be given to the critical assessment make by the student about the company where internship has been undertaken once completed. Also the academic tutor ( as laid down in the document ‘Procedimiento de Prácticas Externas / External Intership Procedure’ easily available for tutors and students in Aula Virtual), visit the corporations conducting personal interviews with the company tutors in order to oversee the suitability of the offers.