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Master's degree objectives

The main objective of the Master’s Degree in Occupational Health and Safety (MUPRL) of the University of Valencia is to enable the student for acting as Specialist in Workplace Risk Prevention and that him will be able to develop the necessary functions for the prevention of labour risks in the companies in the three specialisations marked by the regulations (Occupational Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Ergonomics and Applied Psychosociology).

In addition to technical knowledge, it is clear that the future professionals in prevention of labour risks require a series of basic skills that for the achievement of them the best option is the university training of postgraduate studies. The integration of knowledge, the expression of judgments based on available information, communication skills and independent and continuous learning skills are examples of this. Also, quality training in this field requires monitored and quality work placements in centres of the area of specialisation, introducing the students into professional practice in the real context of labour risk prevention. In the same way, students should have the possibility of acquiring skills and knowledge in the field of research, a training that each time results more necessary for maintaining the capacities that are required for the professional practice in an environment such as health and safety at work, continually changing and where there are many uncertainties regarding to the relationship between health and work, the effectiveness of interventions or the adaptation of strategies and preventive actions in the different areas and affected groups, to name a few.

The Master’s Degree in Occupational Health and Safety (MUPRL) of the University of Valencia provides to the student the necessary training for the professional practice in this area through the compulsory subjects, of monitored work placements in companies and from the development and defense of the Master’s Degree final project (TFM),all this with the objective that the future graduate acquires the knowledge, experience, and necessary skills for acting rigorously and competitively in the area of health and safety at work.