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According to the current legislation of the University of Valencia (Regulations of the Master’s Degree final projects in the University of Valencia, agreement 231/201 of the Governing Council of the University of Valencia) and according to the provisions of the Academic Coordinating Committee of the Master’s, each assessment committee of the TFM will consist of three members appointed by the Academic Coordinating Committee from the teaching staff of the Master’s. The members will be Doctors, and in any case, the tutors of the Master’s Degree final project could take part of the assessment committee in which will be assessed the project of the student super vised.

The membership of the assessment committee will be announced previously to the dates of defense of each call in the link “Programmed Defenses” of the “Master’s Degree final project”.

The granting, if applicable, of honours, will be determined by the Academic Coordinating Committee after the last call of the programmed defense for each academic year, based on the proposals that in this regard have realized each of the assessment committees that have acted in the same academic year and to the originality, relevance and quality of the projects designated as candidates of this qualification for these committees, attending always the regulations of the University of Valencia about this issue.