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Field trip to the enterprise Janoschka España S.L. in Alzira

  • December 12nd, 2016

On 2 November the students of the Master’s Degree in Occupational Health and Safety of the Universitat de València visited the enterprise Janoschka España S.L..

Janoschka España is a company, whose work centre is located in Alzira (Valencia), dedicated to graphic services for rotogravure, offset printing and flexography. The company operates mainly in the field of flexible packaging and its staff is formed by twenty employees.

The students who participated in this field trip, in addition to visiting the company's facilities, received a wide explanation from its Production Director, Félix Asensio, about the quality, environment and work safety management systems used in the enterprise.

These visits allow the students of the master’s degree to have a closer contact with the reality of the companies and their work safety and health management. It is an opportunity for teaching and learning beyond the classroom, which helps to improve the preparation and training of students towards professional specialization.

Professor Ricard Calvo was in charge of the visit.