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Master’s degree students take part in an activity in the Delegación de Defensa of the Comunitat Valenciana

  • Web and Marketing Unit
  • November 3rd, 2022
Student at the CV Defense Delegation

As usual since 5 years ago, the students of the university master’s degree in Occupational Health and Safety of the Universitat de València have participated in an activity that took place in the facilities of the Delegación de Defensa of the Comunitat Valenciana.

The Lieutenant Colonel Tomás Lahuerta and the Squadron Leader Ángel García, explained the quality management systems, the actions intended to reduce the potential environmental impact of their facilities, and the occupational risk preventions that are applied in the Delegación.

They explained to the students the prevention measures that this entity has adopted so as to ensure the safety and health not only of the citizens but also of the people who make up the staff. Some of these measures are: inform through screens, sites plans and information leaflets about the procedures and escape routes of the building, doors, and emergency staircases; to check and provide the regular maintenance of emergency detection systems, alarms, and fire fighting tools; train the whole personnel in safety and occupational health, occupational risk-prevention; make regular drills for checking the proper functioning  of security systems and guarantee the effectiveness of the emergency plans; carry out facilities and air conditioning checks; ensure the personnel health according with the risks derived from work.