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Pre-enrolment to Masters' Programmes course 2015-2016

  • March 9th, 2015

The University of Valencia has launched the pre-enrolment call for the Official Master's Degree.

On 9th March, Universitat de València will open official masters pre-enrolment for the 2015-2016 year course. It will have two stages, the first one will finish on 15th June, and it includes dates from 16th June to 2nd September. Universitat offers a total of 108 official masters.

Some of these masters allow access to stable professions, as for example the Master's Degree in Secondary Education Teaching, Master's Degree in General Health Psychology, Master's Degree in Law Practice, Master's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering.

Next academic course year 2015-2016, Universitat will increase its offer with new degrees, such as the Degree in Chemical Engineering or Master's Degree in Applied Palaentology, which is organised together with University of Alacant.

The official masters offer reaches up to 5,000 places and constitutes one of the more varied and wide of the Valencian university system.

Servei de Postgrau, located in the Office of the Principal building, is the responsible unit of processing in a centralised way, the pre-enrolment and admission for all masters of the Universitat de València.