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Enrolment is done in an orderly manner, establishing a temporal priority in enrolment based on academic performance.

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New students

New students are enrolled in the same order in which they have been pre-registered. The faculties and schools of the University will be pleased to welcome new students one day and one hour at the end of July.

The necessary documentation to formalize the registration must be submitted to the secretariats of the centers by September 14. Check the delivery dates.

Second, third and fourth year students

The rest of the students are ranked according to the 50% weighted calculation of two data: the average mark of the academic file and the proportion between the credits passed and enrolled in the previous academic year. This calculation is made on the consolidated file during the last week of July.

As a result of this sorting, registration and self-registration appointments are assigned and communicated via SMS or e-mail.

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Taking up the studies again

Those students who decide to return to their university studies must inform themselves about the status of their academic record at the school secretary's office in order to subsequently register.