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In your official academic record, credit transfer includes all the credits obtained in previous official studies that have not led to obtaining an official qualification.
These transferred modules, materials or subjects are not calculated in the GPA (grade point average)
The transfer is not applied in the case of simultaneous studies, except if these studies have been abandoned.


Credit recognition occurs when the University of Valencia accepts the credits earned in official studies of this university or another university so that they can be counted towards other studies in order to obtain an official degree. Basic recognition guidelines:

  1. At least 36 credits for basic training subjects if the chosen degree belongs to the same branch of study.
  2. Other credits for basic education that belong to the chosen branch of study.
  3. All credits as long as there is a match between the competences and knowledge of the original subjects and the subjects in the chosen degree programme.
  4. Under no circumstances will there be credit recognition between undergraduate courses and Master’s degree courses. 

Credits earned in previous official plans of study will be calculated according to the adaptation of subjects from the old plan to the new plan.

Credit recognition may also apply to official non-university higher education studies, official higher vocational educational and in national and international mobility programmes.


Accredited work-related and professional experience as well as non-official university studies may be recognised if they do not collectively exceed 15% of the total number of credits in the degree programme. However, credit recognition from university-specific degrees, exceptionally, may exceed this percentage or, where applicable, receive total recognition if the corresponding university-specific degree has been phased out and has been substituted for an official degree. 
Furthermore, a maximum of 6 optional credits may be recognised for student participation in university cultural activities, sports, student representation, solidarity and cooperation. 



Procedures for transfer or recognition must be initiated by the student by submitting an application in the relevant faculty or school or following any of the procedures referred to in Article 38 of Law 30/92.


The dean or director, upon report from the Degree Committee (Comisión Académica del Título) shall resolve the matter within one month. If not, the request shall be deemed rejected. 


In order to study the applications and incorporate recognised credits in the academic record, established fees are applied by the Valencian government for each analysis.

Legislative regulations

Procedures for credit transfer and recognition

The applications of recognition will request  in the ordinary period of enrolment.
The ones of transfer anytime.
You may not enrol in subjects that you have requested validation, but a resolution may enable modification of the enrolment.


  • Instance requesting the recognition and/or transfer  (this will fill up to the  SEU Electrònica de la Universitat de València (Estudi General) - ENTREU - Estudiantes - Expediente, Títulos y Matrícula - Reconocimiento y Transferencia de Créditos)  or presenting the following form to the Secretary of the centre.
  • Official academic certificate (original and photocopy for his collate) in which it state denomination of them matters, credits of the same, academic course and announcement in which they surpassed , as well as the qualifications obtained in base 10, in accordance with the RD1125/200322. If it is the case, European Supplement to the Title
  • Photocopy of the curriculum stamped by the institution if courses were taken in other universities
  • Syllabus, stamped by the department, stating the subjects taken and passed that you would like to have validated to the courses taught at this Faculty (if applicable, see 3)

1 The documentation has to present translated to the Spanish by a translator sworn if it is drafted in a different language to any one of the official tongues of the Universitat of València, be original, or if it is the case contribute copy of the same for his collate in the moment of the presentation and be properly legalised if the studies contributed are not of centres of upper education of countries of the European Union (more information on legalisation of documents - separated 3.2).
2 In the case of foreign studies, system of qualification and the translation of the credits
3It is not necessary to bring the syllabus to request the incorporation of subjects if the Faculty has previously been a favourable decision of the same validation (which must coincide with the University, Faculty, curriculum and subjects taken).

Validation guidelines (update 2018/03/09)

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Recognition of Basic Training subjects in Health Sciences

In the case of studies of Degree, recognise Basic Training subjects Health Sciences  of our degrees by the subjects of the studies of origin with the same character.

According to the article 4 of the Regulations on Recognition and Transfer of Credits at the University and Article 13 of RD 1393/2007, of 29 October, and  of the RD 861/2010, RD 43/2015 and RD 195/2016, that modifies the previous, recognise at least 15% of the credits of the total of the Degree corresponding to Basic Training in Health Sciences are recognised in the undergraduate degrees in Nursing and Podiatry for all students qualified in any study pertaining to the branch of Health Sciences.

The subjects of Basic Formation of Sciences of the Health are:

Undergraduate degree in Nursing   Undergraduate degree in Podiatry

34364 Human Anatomy
34365 Physiology
34366 Fundamentals of Biology and Biochemistry
34367 Fundamentals of Psychology in Health Sciences
34369 Biostatistics and IT applied to Health Sciences


34323 Human Anatomy
34324 Cell and Tissue Biology
34325 Physiology
34326 Biophysics and Biochemistry
34330 Psychology
34331 Biostatistics and IT

Even though students are entitled to the recognition of credits in basic training subjects they may, upon request and on a voluntary basis, complete the basic training subjects in order to achieve success in the remaining subjects.

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