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Registration of Visiting Staff

The University of Valencia will be able to host staff from other institutions to carry out temporary stays in its facilities. This includes teaching, research and administration and service staff.

Erasmus teaching or training stays and attendance at congresses, tribunals and conferences are excluded.


In order for the University of Valencia to know about the stays carried out by staff not related to the university and for the university community to have a suitable channel to notify these stays, the following regulations have been approved.


1. Prior authorisation from the management of the department, institute or administrative unit in which the stay is to be carried out. A template can be found at this link.

2. Accident and liability insurance that is valid for the entire duration of the stay. This list of insurance companies can be consulted.

3. Online application completed by the teaching and research staff (PDI) or administration and service staff (PAS) (host) permanently related to the University of Valencia.

Online application

The host should follow the following steps:

  1. Download and complete the application form in PDF format
  2. Read the help document
  3. Complete the online application

The online application should contain the “application form” completed in PDF format and the document with the "prior authorisation" of the management of the department or unit.

Information and Enquiries

The information guide explaining the procedure can be consulted via this link:

For enquiries, contact

Deadline for submission

Registration is open all year.

The host must complete the online application 15 calendar days before the date when the visiting staff will join the University of Valencia.


Staff not related to the University of Valencia are excluded from this procedure for attending congresses, participating in tribunals, conferences, Erasmus teaching or training stays and other exceptional activities that do not imply a continuous stay at the University of Valencia