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(given by KUAMI Mensah, native teacher, from Benin)

Dances from African West Coast (Benin, Togo, Ghana, and Côte
d’Ivoire) The agbadza, eloezo, gazo, zinlin, gotah, sakpata dances, as well as being sports and psychomotor activities, contribute to develop the social and cultural exchange.
Agbadza, eloezo and gazo dances arose from the customs of the African areas above mentioned, where people lived off the land and, mainly, collective fishing... After a full work day, fruits obtained were distributed, and a commemorative ceremony in honour of Gods took place around the fire.

The zinlin is a dance born from the Royal palaces of Benin (ancient Kingdom of Dahomey).

The gotah is a rhythm which in the past only was heard at funerals in Benin, but currently is regarded as music for celebration.

The sakpata (mother Earth) is a dance to implore the Goddess of Earth (Pachamama).

I hope you take into account that lessons will be delivered in a festive atmosphere!

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