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Internship Programme

Internship programme.

Internships are a proposal for lifelong learning and a way to try to accelerate the professional integration of students. The internship programme at the Sports Service allows students from professional families and areas of knowledge linked to the sports industry to complement the theoretical training acquired during their higher education with practical training.

Levels and areas of knowledge:

UV undergraduate and master's degree students (physical education, physiotherapy, nutrition, audiovisual communication, etc.).

Reception of students in higher level training cycles in public centres (professional family of physical and sports activities, graphic arts family, etc.).

Student mobility through specific studies:

                Adapted PA Master's Degree University of Oporto.

                International Master's Degree in Adapted PA University of Leuven.

Mobility of professionals and students through the European Network of Academic Sports Services -ENAS- (European Network of Academic Sports Services) and other entities.

Information: miguel.torregrosa@uv.es