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Service Presentation

The Sports Service organises and coordinates the physical and sport activities carried out in the UV. Its task is primarily addressed to members of the university community although all citizens can participate in many activities by paying the prescribed fee.

Sports competition

Internal competition in individual sports and team sports counting with the participation of members of the university community of all centres with an amusement nature.

interuniversity competition between Valencian universities.
Spanish University championships and internacional championships.
Top-level sport, with qualified athletes.

Physical and sport activities

UVsports offers, among others, the following activities:
Fitness: maintenance, bodybuilding, swimming, Pilates, spinning...

  • Outdoors activity: golf, orientation, roller skating, canoeing, archery...
  • Oriental martial arts: aikido, self defense for women, kendo, karate, judo, taekwondo, kinomixi...
  • Health and relaxation activities: Xikung, stretching, yoga, taichi, massage, relaxation and self-massaging, siatshu...
  • Expressive, dance and rhythm: aerobics, aerobox, aero-GAC, sport dance, bolliwood, capoeira, African dance, contemporary dance, classical and neoclassical dance, Oriental dance, flamenco, funky, hip hop, funky-jazz, hip hop, lindy-hop, rock&roll,  salsa, swing, sevillanes, tango, zumba...

In order to offer a type of sport with a playful and educational nature, the Sports Service pulls for a sport practice without competition and has several sport schools. In addition, further activities for the Nau Gran and children are offered.


Athletes Support Office

It is a service aimed for the monitoring of athletes’ health and the improvement of their performance.

Other work areas

To highlight:

  • Sports adapted
  • Sport volunteering