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Biodance system was born in the beginning of 1960s of last century at Santiago de Chile. Its creator is Toro Araneda, psichologist, antropologist and artist, as he likes to call himself. He was born in Chile 1924, he lived in Argentina until February 2010 and he is currently “dancing among the stars”.

What is Biodance?

We can begin telling that biodance is a system with the goals, the integral development of the person, and with well structured and planning means, with strong scientific bases aimed at getting these goals. But we must add that it’s very difficult to transmit with words what biodance is, because it’s an experience that invites us to feel us alive, to feel the love, the energy and that we are part of the whole, the universe. In a biodance class we have real-time experiences. We don’t act as if we felt affection or we felt happy. We feel really affection, or happiness, we feel it here and now, and that reinforces our identity and nourishs with health our cells. To feel us united to the group, to all the being of our species, to the nature, it brings us a well-being sensation that transforms us physically and psichologically.

Basic principles

There are above all two basic principles: one are the power we have printed in our DNA. Biodance creates the favourable area into we can develop in a funny way.

The other principle is that Ronaldo Toro calls the biocentric principle, according to the whole universe, of which they form part and it is a living being and continuously evolving, it posses a innate universal intelligence that goes beyond the conscious intelligence of each individual. Intelligence full of love for its creatures, which drives sooner or later, despite the interaction of adverse and destructive elements, to the creation and consevation of the life.


Help us to develope, in a integrated way, the power with which we are born, because we get a better health and well-being level.

Then it serves to amuse us, to be beyond the shyness, to improve the self-esteem, to integrate the psychomotricity, to break up the tension and other many things that only you can discover.

Final Considerations

  • If you want to experiment what it can feel in a biodance class, the only way to know it is participating in it. For sure you will leave comforted, with a different view, more positive of your own life.
  • You need only to bring comfortable clothes and shocks to walk barefoot through the room.
  • It is not necessary to know dancing biodance. We don’t look for directly the aesthetic part of movement in biodance. The most important is that movement expresses for real what we feel in that moment. Then it is curiously when these spontaneous movements full of beauty and generator of health arises.
  • If you feel emotional blocks that force you to move clumsily, biodance helps you to let go yout body. In any case, you will always find a source of health in biodance.
  • Biodance sends always messages full of hope. In a age in which the majority brings the stress under the skin, and many means of communication offer us a view of a world full of violence, we are attending to a awakening of conscience of many millions of people around the world that want a different world, more humane, just and respectful with the life in all its manifestations. This conscience exists and grows more and more in a irreversible process. Biodance, in its approach of health, love, well-being and life, is contributing, next to many other human groups and discipline of personal growth, to this expansion of conscience, when the life acquires sense.
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