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The Universitat de València has tennis courts at the Tarongers Campus and at the Blasco Ibañez Campus, additionally, it is possible to use the municipal tennis courts in Burjassot.

The UV offers tennis classes (Sports Schools) and organises tournaments (Internal Competitions). The UV’s tennis team participates in university competitions, whether regional(CADU) or national (CEU) category.

To join the UV’s tennis team you have to participate in the internal competition which is organised first.

General information and location:

Burjassot Campus Blasco Ibáñez Campus Tarongers Campus
Dr Moliner 50
46100 Burjassot
(Next to the Health Office)

Phone +34 96 354.45.76
Fax 96/ 354.32.88

Avda/Menéndez Pelayo, 19.
46010 Valencia.
Competition and activity area 96 398 32.45
Av. dels Tarongers s/n
(next to the Faculty of Law)
Phone number: 96 382 8843

Secretary’s office hours:
Monday to Friday: 10:30 to 13:30 Monday: 16:00 to 18:00