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About the Faculty of Physiotherapy

Welcome to the official website of the Faculty of Physiotherapy of the Universitat de València. Here you can find all the relevant information of this degree and its environment, we hope your expectations will be fulfilled. There is information about the degree, its location, its facilities, etc., with the aim of giving you the perspective of what can be found here.

Faculty’s History

The Faculty of Physiotherapy of the Universitat de València is the centre in charge of the administrative management and organisation of the university studies aiming to obtain the degree of Graduate in Physiotherapy. It is located on the Blasco Ibañez Campus, where the Faculties belonging to the area of Health sciences are placed: Faculty of Medicine and Odontology and Faculty of Nursing.

Nowadays, the rooms that the Faculty is made up of are:

  • Economic and administrative services.
  • Offices of the Center Deanery Team
  • Lecture hall for theoretical classes.
  • Computer Room.
  • Reading room.
  • Faculty lounge.
  • Boardroom.
  • Lecture hall for practical classes.
  • Student’s association headquarters.

The Faculty does not have its own Bibliographic Information Unit, although it is possible to consult the bibliographic funds available at the Centre. Students will be able to use the Libraries with free entrance for students and with the service of book lending of the most frequently used books. They can also access the University's Bibliographic Information Service through the computers in the IT classroom.

Internship Centres

In our facilities there is a therapeutic gymnasium, electrotherapy equipment, as well as muscle-building, where practical classes corresponding to the area of physiotherapy and sports are carried out. For the realization of the practical modules of Anatomy and Physiology it is used the room of dissection and laboratories of the Faculty of Medicine.

Assistance practices are carried out in the Rehabilitation Services of the University Hospitals: Clinic, La Fe, La Malvarrosa and General, as well as other Hospitals for Practical Teaching: Military Hospital, Salvador Pau outpatients clinic, Lluis Alcanyis Hospital of Xàtiva.

Through the University-Enterprise agreement, students can also carry out clinical practice in various non-hospital centres, such as Insurance Companies, Special Education Schools, Primary Healthcare Facilities and Private Physiotherapy Clinics.

There is an agreement with the Biomechanics Institute of the Valencian Community that allows the collaboration of students with Research Projects, as well as in Selected Companies.