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Vicent Martínez, Department of Astronomy and Astronomical Observatory, Scientific Park of the Universitat de València.

Conference 1. From the Galaxies to Big Bang

Galaxies are the bricks of the universe. More than a century ago, it was thought that all the content of the celestial sphere was part of a single and vast aggregation: the Milky Way, our galaxy. Today, we know that it is one more among hundreds of thousands of million galaxies in a universe that is in accelerated expansion, consequence of a great explosion (Big Bang) that took place 13,800 million years ago. However, the evolution of the universe depends on matter and dark energy, mysterious but major elements in the cosmic inventory.

Conference 2. Measuring the Universe. The Cosmic Scales.

When we look at the night sky and the stars that populate the celestial vault, we often wonder how far they are. Understanding the cosmic scales is not easy, since the magnitudes of stars and galaxies, as well as the distances that separate us are so enormous that our daily experience is not helping to get an idea of the immensity of the universe. In the conference, through analogies, the cosmic scales are explained, from the solar system to the deep universe.

Brief Curriculum

Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the Universitat de València and director of the Astronomical Observatory of the same institution. He has been a pioneer in the introduction of new disciplines such as fractals.  He is a founding member of the Spanish Society of Astronomy. His main field of research is the study of the structure of the universe on a large scale. He has written numerous research articles published in prestigious international magazines and he is the author of books such as Essential Astronomy and Statistics of the Galaxy Distribution. In 2005, he won the General Study Scientific Disclosure Prize with the work Mariners que solequen el cel. In 2011, he received the award granted by the Royal Spanish Society of Physics (RSEF) for Teaching and Dissemination of Physics (University Teaching).

 Key ideas, materials (books, documents, audiovisuals, websites, blogs, links, youtube ...) 

Innovative elements during the conference. This year, the conference incorporates a one-minute amateur video on the magnitude of the solar system made by students in 3rd ESO. 


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