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Commitment 1 Respond appropriately to all requests for information from users.

Commitment 2 Make a decision regarding the admission for continuation of partial official studies applications by 30 September, unless there is a modification of the academic management processes calendar.

Commitment 3 Provide adequate technical and administrative assistance to all students enrolling.

Commitment 4 Provide the commission deciding upon the cancellation of the enrolment due to force majeure with the dean’s report within a period of 15 business days from the submission of the application accompanied by the supporting documentation.

Commitment 5 Notify students of all decisions regarding credit recognition and transfer within 15 days from the corresponding commission issuing its report, provided the required documentation has been submitted.

Commitment 6 Send academic records, as requested by students, to the relevant university within a period of 30 business days from the submission of the application, as long as the exam records have been processed and the fees have been payed if necessary.

Commitment 7 Report problems related to receipts requiring amendments by the faculty within 5 business days from the confirmation of payment in the case of refund of fees.

Commitment 8 Include the marks in the outgoing students’ records within 5 business days from receipt of all marks from the relevant university.

Commitment 9 Inform the students of the offer of the curricular practices at least 10 days before the adjudication of these.

Commitments 10 Guarantee students fulfilling the requirements the required procedures to be able to defend their undergraduate or master’s degree final projects on time.

Commitment 11 Issue certificates within 7 business days. In the period of enrolment or in the case of an academic record of a curriculum without credits, the period will be 10 days.

Commitment 12 Make a decision regarding all students’ applications for early examination sessions and communicate it within 10 business days following the deadline for submission of applications.

Commitment 13 Communicate the decision of the Academic Appeal Commission regarding academic appeals within a maximum period of 5 business days from its ruling.

Commitment 14 Include marks in students’ records within 5 business days from receipt of the rector’s approval.

Commitment 15 Approve applications for a certificate of qualification within 15 business days from payment of the fee, except for during the enrolment period, when the deadline will be 30 business days.

Commitment 16 Guarantee doctoral students meeting requirements the required procedures to be able to defend their theses on time.

Commitment 17 Inform users requesting official recognition of foreign qualifications how to fulfil the training requirements required by the Spanish Ministry of Education within 15 days.

Commitment 18 Publish timetables, classrooms and examination dates before the start of the enrolment period of each academic year.