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Service 1 Deal with requests for information and guidance from future or current students, graduates and other users.

Service 2 Process applications for admission through the recognition of partial official studies of the students who wish to study at the university and inform them of the decision.

Service 3 Provide technical and administrative assistance to students throughout the enrolment process, in undergraduate and master’s studies.

Service 4 Inform students how they can provide evidence to fulfil the requirements for a total or partial cancellation of enrolment due to force majeure, submit the dean’s report to the committee that has to take a decision and perform procedures derived from it.

Service 5 Process applications for credit recognition and transfer, submit them to the corresponding commission, inform students of its decision and, if appropriate, issue a receipt of this recognition and include it in the records.

Service 6 Process academic record transfers requested by students admitted to other universities.

Service 7 Deal with receipts of students of the faculty, including refunds or additional payments.

Service 8 Keep the records of students participating in mobility programmes and inform them of their situation.

Service 9 Inform students of deadlines and practices related to work placements, and perform required procedures.

Service 10 Perform procedures related to students’ undergraduate and master’s degree final projects.

Service 11 Issue academic or other certificates at the request of students.

Service 12 Process students’ applications for early examination sessions and inform them of the decision.Commitment 11 Issue certificates within 7 business days. In the period of enrolment or in the case of an academic record of a curriculum without credits, the period will be 10 days.

Service 13 Process students’ academic appeals and inform them of the decision.

Service 14 Process students’ applications for curricular assessment through compensation, submit the dean’s report on the fulfilment of requirements for such assessment and perform procedures following the decision.

Service 15 Process original or duplicate qualifications and the European Diploma Supplement (SET) and deliver them to students.

Service 16 Keep documents and information of interest related to doctoral programmes of the faculty, including those related to the thesis deposit and defence.

Service 17 Process students’ applications related to the fulfilment of additional training requirements required by the Spanish Ministry of Education for the official recognition of foreign higher education qualifications

Service 18 Publish timetables, classrooms and examination dates, once the oferta del curs acadèmic (Academic Year Programme or OCA) has been approved.