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Procedures of the application of the title

Once the official degree studies are completed, the concerned person can request the issuance of the corresponding degree through the Virtual Office: seu.uv.es

  • It is not necessary to go to the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty.
  • The payment must be done using a credit card by payment gateway and so the student gets the certificate stating they have paid the rights for the expedition of the title in the form of a PDF document digitally signed.


Delivery of the University Degree Title:

1. - The applicant must bring their ID or passport and the receipt of the degree deposit to the Office of the Secretary of the centre.

2. - In case of not being able of collecting it personally and according to the 8 July 1998 Order that develops the Royal Decrees 185/1895 and 1496/1987 about the Dispatch and Deliverance of Official University Degrees, the applicant should provide the following documents:

  •  Power of attorney expressly issued to collect the official university degree.
  •  ID that has not expired of the authorised.
  •  Photocopy of the ID that has not expired of the person who authorises.

3. - Application form to send the title to an official centre that is nearer to the residence of the student:

  • Written request to the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty
  • A receipt will be sent to the student so he can credit the shipment fee (15€ if the destination is Spain, 30€ if the destination is Europe and 50€ if the destination is any of the other countries)
  • The title will be sent and the applicant will pick it up in the place that he personally requested


Annually, by decree of the Valencian Government, the fees for each academic year are fixed.

Regulation normative