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On November 10, 1868 the Council of Valencia accepted the establishment of the Free Faculty of Pharmacy, which was commissioned the delivery of these studies at the city of Valencia. Five years later, on September 28 1874, the Excellent Provincial Council agreed on closing down of the Faculty putting forward the “lack of prosperity of the accountability of this corporation”

A century later, in October 1974, the studies for the obtaining the Pharmacy degree at the Technical School of Agricultural Engineers at L’antic Passeig de València al Mar were resumed, currently named Blasco Ibañez.

After a short period of transition in which the lectures were given in the annexed building of the School, which was originally destined to be University Canteens, lectures began in the 1978-79 Course at the building which, up to that moment, had been the Faculty of Sciences (current Office of the Principal of the University) and which was free due to its transfer to the Burjassot Campus.

It was then when the procedures for the construction of a new building started. They were finished on September 30, 1992 with the inauguration of the current Faculty at the Burjassot Campus. This building was awarded with the National Architecture Award the following year.