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Regulations for the Degree Academic Committees

Faculty Rules of Procedure

  • Faculty of Pharmacy Rules of Procedure Approved by the Government Council on 27 September 2005 (ACGUV 40/2013). ACGUV 192/2005
    • Modified C.G 30-9-2008 ACGUV 178/2008 i ACGUV 184/2008
    • Modified C.G 22-XII-2009. ACGUV 238/2009
    • Modified C.G 27-IX-2011. ACGUV 225/2011
    • Modified C.G 26-V-2015. ACGUV 114/2015

The following is a list of University of Valencia legislation that regulates official degree programmes:


 ACGUV stands for Resolutions of the University of Valencia Governing Council (Acuerdo del Consejo de Gobierno de la Universidad de Valencia)