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Knowledge branch: Health sciences

Taught at: Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences

Undergraduate degree website: www.uv.es/grado/tecnologia-alimentos

Credits: 240

Basic training: 60

Compulsory: 135

Elective: 15

Work Placement/Internship: 18

Final Project: 12

Degree code: 1103

Classes: face-to-face

Years: 4

Places available for new students
[2023-2024 academic year]:

Price per credit
[2023-2024 academic year]:
17,34 €

Regulated professions for which the degree certificate qualifies: Not applicable

Languages used in class: English, Spanish, Valencian

Minimum number of enrolment credits per student: 24 ECTS part-time students/ 36 ECTS full-time students

Degree Academic Committee President (CAT): Mónica Fernández Franzón

Degree Coordinator: Reyes Barberá Sáez

Work Placement/Internship Coordinator: Ester Carbó Valverde

International Coordinator: Francisco Barba Orellana

Academic, scientific or professional interest:

This degree trains students in various aspects of food production and produces professionals with the scientific and technological knowledge necessary to allow them to study the nature of food, the causes behind its deterioration, the fundamental principles behind its working and its improvement for public consumption. This knowledge is directed towards the design and selection of the best methods of conservation, transformation, packaging, storage, distribution and usage, so that food is of a high sensorial quality, safe, nutritious, healthy, adapted to new consumption habits and in accordance with current legislation.

Worth Noting:

In order to study Food Science and Technology, it is essential that students have prior knowledge of biology and chemistry, and the same is to be recommended as regards physics and mathematics. This degree has 20 transferable subjects (111 shared credits) with the Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. The shared credits are organised in the following way: 99 credits for core and compulsory subjects and 12 credits for optional subjects.