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"It would be necessary to create at least two specializations in the Degree"

Javier Argento Vidal | 22 june 2018

I chose the Universitat de València for its proximity. I live in Gandía and it's the closest one I had. I believe that the Degree in Information and Documentation at UV focuses mainly on scientific and computer documentation, and from what I have seen, other universities focus more on public libraries and librarianship.

Registration procedures are easy.

In regard with the subjects, what I like the most is the Open Access to Scientific Documentation, but in reality the ones I liked the most for my job placement were the ones on Automation of Centers and Automated Cataloguing.

The curriculum is good, although it is true that it is very difficult to adapt to reality, especially when our field is so changing and there is so much indefinition of functions.

I think there should be at least two specializations in the Degree: one focusing on library and archival science, and the other on digital environments and documentation.

On the other hand, you have a great opportunity to apply for job listings thank you to the autopracticum option. And although the stock market is good, most internship’s students are unpaid. It's something we should fight harder for and have recognition for. But the internships have always helped me to get to know the professional reality, to keep in touch with my tutors and to ask for their advice whenever I needed it.

Finally, I think it would be a good idea to complete my undergraduate studies with a master's degree, but I don't think it's essential to look for or find a job. Most of the master's degrees I know focus on a specialty, which is easy to learn in a job.

When I finished my degree I tried to find a job as a documentarist/librarian in Valencia and the surrounding area but I couldn't find anything, so I had to leave for Madrid. In Madrid it has been easier to find work related to Library and Information Science.