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In front of the situation of alarm generated by the evolution of the COVID-19, the attention at the public of the Office of the Faculty of Medicine and Odontology will loan  only and exclusively for telematic modes:

E-mail of the Office of the Faculty: E-mail of the Departments:
Degree: gradomediodont@uv.es Departament of Anatomía and Human Embryology: anathuma@uv.es
Exchanges: exteriores.medicina@uv.es Departament of Surgery: dep.cirurgia@uv.es
TFG: tfgmedicina@uv.es Departament of Estomatology: dep.estomatologia@uv.es
Practical Tutelades: ptmedicina@uv.es Departament of Physiology: dep.fisiologia@uv.es
Màsters: mastmed@uv.es Departament of History of the Science and Documentation: dep.historia.ciencia@uv.es
Doctorate: doctorado.medicina@uv.es Departament of Medicine: dep.medicina@uv.es
Generic e-mail of the Faculty:: fac.medicina@uv.es Departament of Pathology: dep.patologia@uv.es
  Departament of Pediatrics, Obstetricia and Gynaecology: dep.pog@uv.es

All the electronic posts got will be answered like more early better.

It recalls  that those users and users that have of institutional e-mail of the University of València (--@alumni.uv., ----@uv.es ), at his communications with the Faculty of Medicine and Odontology is obligatory that make use of this.


The administration office at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry is part of the Financial-Administrative Services of the Faculty. Its purpose is to carry out tasks assigned by the Dean that are related to the programmes available and the organisation for the academic year, such as the management of enrolment and students' academic records.





Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
University of Valencia
Avenida Blasco Ibañez, 15
46010  Valencia (Spain)

The administration office is located on level 2



Schedule of Attention to the Public in OFFICE is: 


From January 7 2020

1 June to 31 July

9:00 to 14:00 h of Monday to Friday

16:00 to 18:00 Mondays

9:00 to 14:00 h of Monday to Friday



Chritsmas 2019-2020

Of the 16 of December at the 6 of January the schedule will be in the morning, of 9'00 at 14'00 hours

Days 26 and 27 of December the Office will remain open

CLOSEd Days 23, 24 and 25 of December and since the 30 of December until January 6th 2020