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Ignacio Pinazo Chair

The Pinazo Chair came by agreement between the University of Valencia and IVAM in April 2011. Its aim is to carry out training activities, exhibitions and publications that contribute to the development and dissemination of the work of the artist Ignacio Pinazo and the origins of modern art Valencia and Spain. It has promoted through university studies of Degree in Art History, Master in History of Art and Visual Culture and PhD in art history, preparation of research personnel able to undertake rigorous scientific research on these issues. The Pinazo Chair has released the results of several research projects through publications, conferences, participation in conferences and especially with the organization of exhibitions. This has sought to fulfill the essential purpose of improving knowledge society by both the work of Ignacio Pinazo as the Valencian art of the period between 1880 and 1940.

The Pinazo Chair has a monitoring committee consisting of representatives of the University of Valencia and IVAM, and has its headquarters in the Departament of Art History of the University of Valencia. The activities of the Pinazo Chair have been financed through the patronage of others, although the IVAM made a commitment to finance part of the activities covered by the agreement with an annual financial contribution. The signing ceremony of establishment of the Chair had a familiar representation of the artist, his great-grandson Jose Ignacio Casar Pinazo, while director of the Pinazo House Museum in Godella. Also they attended by the Vice-chancellor of Communication and Institutional Relations of the University of Valencia, Silvia Barona; the managing director of IVAM, Consuelo Ciscar; director of economic-administrative area of ​​the IVAM, Juan Carlos Lledó; and Professor of Art History at the University of Valencia, Javier Pérez Rojas, driving force behind the agreement and without doubt the greatest expert on the work of Pinazo. In addition, they were present, by the Departament of Art History of the University, professors José Luis Alcaide and the director Luis Arciniega. The Rector of the University of Valencia, Esteban Morcillo, revealed the institutional pride and recognition to all that represents Ignacio Pinazo. "Having an institutional chair bearing the name of one of the most renowned Valencian artists, put once more in value academic heritage posed to the Valencian society a university with over 500 years of history as is the University of Valencia" .

Between 2011 and 2015, members of the Pinazo Chair have been made at national and international level, various publications on the subject and directed numerous exhibitions that have helped to spread the art of Pinazo and their peers. Among them, we highlight the following:

- Ignacio Pinazo. El humo del amor, IVAM, 16 may-6 november 2011.

- Ignacio Pinazo. Colecciones en diálogo, IVAM, 25 october 2012-19 march 2013

- Ignacio Pinazo, pintor valenciano del siglo XIX, Escuela de Minería, México D.F. june-august 2013.

- Ignacio Pinazo maestro del impresionismo español, Museo de Arte Moderno de Santo Domingo, República Dominicana, december 2013- february 2014.

- Ignacio Pinazo en la colección del IVAM, IVAM, 2013; Consorcio de Museos de la Comunidad Valenciana, Museo Gravina, Alicante, 2015.

- Impresionismo valenciano, Sala Exposiciones del Ayuntamiento de Valencia, 10 june- 26 october 2014

- Ignacio Pinazo, Maestro del dibujo. Cuadernos de Italia A y B, IVAM, 19 june-14 december 2014.

- El gusto moderno. Art déco en París, 1910-1935, Madrid, Fundación Juan March, 26 march-28 june 2015.

- Antonio Fillol. Naturalismo radical y modernismo, Sala Exposiciones del Ayuntamiento de Valencia, may-september 2015.

Pinazo Year 1916-2016 Link

In 2016, on the occasion of the commemoration of the centenary of Ignacio Pinazo, one of the co-directors of the Chair, Francisco Javier Pérez Rojas, he has assumed the scientific coordination of the event. Other work has made the design, selection and speech scheduled various exhibitions in major museums and cultural centers in Valencia. It is a work of great complexity that involved the use of more than five hundred works from various national museums and private collections.

EXHIBITIONS 2016 and 2017:

-Pinazo y las vanguardias. Afinidades electivas, IVAM, september 2016- september 2017. Brochure

- Del ocaso de los grandes maestros a la Juventud Artística. Valencia 1912-1927, MuVIM, july 6-16 october 16, 2016. Brochure

- Ignacio Pinazo. La historia y el retrato. De la gran tradición al modernismo. Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia, october 6, 2016-january 8, 2017. Brochure

- El retrato. De la gran tradición al modernismo, Fundación Bancaja, october 6, 2016-january 8, 2017. Brochure

- El desnudo en la obra de Ignacio Pinazo, Museo del Almudín, november 4, 2016-january 8, 2017.

- Relatos periféricos, Villa Eugenia de Godella, january 2017. Roaming through different locations across the Diputación de Valencia.

- Pinazo y la fotografía, Universitat de Válencia, june-october de 2017.

In addition, the directors of the Chair, Felipe Jerez Moliner and Francisco Javier Pérez Rojas, coordinated during the 2016-2017 course a series of lectures at the Faculty of Geography and History of the University of Valencia around Pinazo and his time, intended to students of Degree, Master, PhD, and of course, the general public interested in the subject.

Beginning of the Chair with Exhibition at IVAM: Ignacio Pinazo. El humo del amor. (The smoke of love)