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As transportation dynamics are constantly changing and shifting, with countries opting for alternative and sustainable means of transport, different users are systematically replacing the use of traditional cars with non-motorized vehicles. Among these vehicles, the bicycle particularly stands out, being often chosen by users for their urban trips, thanks to some of its key factors such as efficiency, together with its health and environmental sustainability.

Hence, more and more people are using bikes as a “cheaper”, “healthier” and “convenient” way to perform urban trips related to, e.g. daily commuting, casual trips, fitness, or just leisure.

However, traffic crashes involving cyclists, especially during the past few years, have become a growing concern for public health agencies and road safety researchers and practitioners: crashes, injuries and deaths of cyclists across many countries (especially those with a lower tradition in terms of alternative transportation) are compromising the cost-benefit balance of urban cycling.

The objective of this project is to investigate the emerging factors and phenomena that are putting the safety and welfare of urban cyclists at risk.

For this purpose, and bearing in mind the current state-of-affairs concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, we are applying an online questionnaire (translated to the specific language of each partaking country), in which any person using a bike with a certain regularity may participate.

If you are interested to partake in this project, please contact the following email address:

Llist of collaborators (country leaders):


  • Dr. Steve O’ Hern, Monash University
  • Dr. Amanda Stephens, Monash University


  • Dr. Linus Zeuwts, Universiteit Gent


  • Dr. Zuleide Feitosa, Universidade de Brasília


  • M.Sc. Sylvain Gautier Ngueuteu Fouaka, Université de Dschang


  • Mr. José Soto, Catholic University of Chile
  • Tomás Echiburú, Catholic University of Chile


  • Dr. Yonggang Wang, Chang’an University


  • Dr. Boris Cendales-Ayala, El Bosque University
  • Dr. Mauricio Orozco-Fontalvo, Universidad Militar Nueva Granada


  • Dr. Kira Hyldekær Janstrup, Technical University of Denmark
  • Dr. Mette Møller, Technical University of Denmark

Dominican Republic

  • Eng. Arturo del Villar, Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo-INTEC
  • Prof. Víctor González. Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo-INTEC


  • PhD Elias Willberg, University of Helsinki


  • Dr. Felix Siebert, Friedrich Schiller University Jena


  • M.Sc. Mohd Khairul Alhapiz Ibrahim, Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research


  • Dr. Arturo Cervantes-Trejo, Universidad Anahuac
  • Dr. Isaac Castañeda, Universidad Anahuac


  • M.Ph. Mirza Muhmmad Shahrukh, Indus Hospital


  • Prof. Ksenia Shubenkova, Politechnika Krakowska (Poland) and Kazan Federal University (Russia)


  • Prof. Irina Makarova, Kazan Federal University


  • Prof. Jozef Gnap, University of Zilina
  • Dr. Miroslava Mikusova, University of Zilina


  • Dr. Sergio A. Useche, INTRAS-University of Valencia
  • Dr. Francisco Alonso, INTRAS-University of Valencia


  • Aliaksei Laureshyn, Lund University 
  • Anna Niska ,  Cykelcentrum (Swedish Cycling Research Centre)

United Kingdom

  • Dr.Rich C. McIlroy, University of Southampton


September, 2020: We are officially starting the data collection phase in most countries. This phase is planned to be concluded by January 31st, 2021

November, 2020: The Research Ethics Committee for Social Sciences in Health of the University of Valencia agreed on a favorable evaluation of the project "Bike-Barometer 2020-2021: saving lives on two wheels" (IRB: HE0001290920).

February, 2021: Considering the spread of  COVID-19 in most countries that are taking part of the project, we are considering changing the deadline for data collection. We will inform you about this in the near future.

March, 2021: The deadline for data collection is extended to June, 2021.



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Start date
2020 September
End date
2021 August