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Museums, Landscapes and Neighboring Communities

May 31st and June 1st and 2nd, 2018

University of València

May 31st:La Nau Building (C/ Universitat, 2)

June 1st: Faculty of Geography and History (Av. Blasco Ibañez, 28)

June 2nd: Visit to Valencian cultural landscapes


The emphasis on the social role of museums dates back to the late 1960's and early 1970’s, within the so-called “new museology” and the Santiago de Chile round table, which for many constitutes the symbolic founding event of the community oriented approach. From then onwards museums accentuating their community orientation, often linked to significant territorial dimensions. In more recent years, territorial approaches tended to increasingly focus in landscapes as a whole, in such a way that a new concept of “Extended Museum” emerged from the most recent General Conference of ICOM (Milan, 2016). This spread in all azimuths is not without troubles: for many museums are seen as a sort of imperialistic catchall device, claiming to be in conditions to substitute all aggregation empowering tools. When arriving here, the entire definitions of “museum”, “landscape” and “community” are questionable. What does exactly the irreducible identity of museums do if they pretend to do and to be what others can and in fact also are? What allows for landscapes to be seen as museums managed constructions? Which communities are museums specifically addressing to, since the term is widely used at all levels, from continental political or economic constructs to the narrowest aggregations, based hobbyist affinities.


The presentations, by invited speakers only, will address either general, historical, theoretical or conceptual issues or cases-studies that can illustrate and problematize the previously expressed questions.


09h30 Registration and collect of material

10h00 Opening session

Representatives of the congress organisation, University authorities and Valencian public administration

10h30 Opening conference "De la muséologie de collection à la muséologie de territoire"

- Hugues de Varinne


11h15 Coffee break

11h45 Conference "Museums and ecomuseums, communities and landscapes: the challenges of the global social change"

- Alberto Garlandini


12h30 Conference "El Territorio Museo o el Museo Territorio: de la teoría a la práctica (en España)"

- Manel Miró


13h15 Discussion

Moderator: Luis Raposo

14h00 Lunch time

16h00 – Round table"Experiencias internacionales de los Museos Comunitarios. Luces y sombras de iniciativas locales"

Moderator: Karen Brown

- Luís Raposo

¿Qué hace los museos sean comunitarios? Reflexión en voz alta con ejemplos portugueses

- Dorit Wolenitz

       "From a single seed to a grove of trees – museums in Kibutzim and Moshavim in Israel"

- Jacques Terrière

       "The neighboring audiences of new French museums"

- Giuliana Ericani

       "Civic museums, neighboring community museums and cultural landscapes in Italy after Milan 2016"

- Nina Zdravic

       "Reaching Out to Diverse Communities: the Case of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Slovenia"

- Teresa Morales

       "Ñuu Teyu: un espacio de memoria. México"

18h00 Discussion

19h00 First session closing


09h30 Conference "Paisaje, patrimonio cultural, acción social: una visión académica"

- Josep Montesinos


10h00 Conference "La red valenciana de museos locales. Paisajes y comunidades"

- Francisco Tamarit

- Joan Seguí

10h45 Conference "La definición de museo comunitario"

- Samuel Franco


11h15 Coffee break

11h45 Conference "El proyecto Horizon 2020 EU-LAC MUSEUMS. El museo comunitario como referencia"

- Karen Brown


12h30 Conference "El Museo Comunitario, elemento articulador de las sociedades chilenas meridionales"

- Karin Weil


13h00 Conference "El Museo Comunitario en Perú. Claves para su interpretación"

- Luis Repetto


13h30 Discussion

Moderator: Mario Antas


14h15 Lunch time

16h00 Conference "El Museo Territorio, una alternativa real a la puesta en valor del paisaje cultural valenciano"

- Jorge Hermosilla


16h45 Round-table and dialogue "Museos, paisajes y comunidades de vecindad en la Comunitat Valenciana"

Moderator: José Luis Jiménez

- Carmen Amoraga

        Directorate General of Valencian Culture

- Emilio Iranzo

        University of Valencia

- Ester Alba

        University of Valencia

- Clara Pérez

Director of Museu Comarcal de l'Horta Sud

19h00 SESSION CLOSING: Representatives of the congress organisation and authorities


Tour through valencian culture landscapes: l'Horta de València

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Date: From 14 de march de 2018 to 2 de june de 2018.

Place University of València.