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Cartography on the viewpoints and observation points

The Chair for Citizen Participation and Valencian Landscapes launches the project “Network of Viewpoints and Observation Points of the Valencian Landscape”.

The network has two basic typologies: “viewpoints” and “observation” points. Then, there are several sub-typologies depending on the type of landscape, its accessibility and the equipment.

Thanks to the cartography of the viewpoints and observation points as well as by using our application, we aim to:

  • Identify the viewpoints and observation points recognised by the citizens.
  • Collect basic information on the viewpoints and observation points that been identified.

Viewpoints are understood as human facilities built to improve the observation of the landscape and therefore count on a series of facilities, structures and access points.

An observation point is understood as a place that does not count with facilities or equipment, but it provides a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape. 

Application to map