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Mental-Collaborative Atlas of the Valencian Landscapes

The Mental-Collaborative Atlas of the Valencian Landscapes is one of the main projects of the Chair since 2016. The project was created to study the citizen’s perception of their environment and developing a tool to understand and manage the landscapes alongside the Valencians.
Thanks to online cartography, we offer the citizens the opportunity to share their knowledge and help us understand which landscapes they prefer, which ones they are more attached to or which are more emblematic or have a higher value. Additionally, they will be able to point out landscape characteristics that they don’t like, which are the observation points with the best views, which are the heritage elements they know and would like to share their cultural importance, or which are the best hiking routes.
Depending on the information that you want to provide to the Mental-Collaborative Atlas of the Valencian Landscapes, the Chair offers the following possibilities:

  • Cartography of living and emblematic landscapes
  • Cartography of landscape impacts
  • Cartography of viewpoints and observation points
  • Cartography of landscape heritage
  • Cartography of landscape itineraries

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