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Dentro del marco del proyecto MIRRI se ha publicado la revista MIRRI News con novedades del proyecto y otros temas relacionados con las colecciones de cultivo

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    New presentation

    CECT launches a new strain presentation which simplifies the recovery process. This new presentation is CECT® 1R and consists of one storage vial inoculated with a CECT reference strain. It is supplied at the same fee than freeze-dry ampoules. It is available only for some bacteria, fungi and yeast strains.


      New Fees 2014

      The CECT maintain the fees of 2013 and reduce the Price for some of its services: The genomic DNA for companies decreases from € 150 to € 100, the identification following complete sequencing of 16S rRNA gene diminish from € 350 to € 250 and the full phylogenetic study by complete 16S rRNA sequence analysis is reduced from € 650 to € 600.


        New services

        The CECT launches new services of molecular characterization: Genetic profiles (microsatellites), DNA-DNA hybridization, and G+C mol% content of the DNA.


          New Service website

          The service has revamped its website to adapt it to the new content management system and improve its interface and accessibility, as has already been done on the corporate website and in the centres.