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Eradicating the gender digital gap


Eradicating the gender digital gap


The COVID-19 crisis has led us to an intensive use of new technologies to maintain activity in the fields of employment, education and relationships. This has exposed the negative consequences of differences in access to new technologies. These inequalities are embodied in what is known as the digital gap, a concept that is also liked to gender discrimination and stereotypes.

The gender digital gap, however, does not affect all woman in the same way. There are variables, such as age, education or income level, which determinate inequalities in access to ICTs. Therefore, one of the keys to overcoming it is to ensure university in the knowledge and tools that determine the digital skills needed today.

This camping aims to make female role models visible in order to demonstrate that it is possible to break the gender digital gap. Through audio-visual pills, it tells the story of several women of different ages who have managed to overcome gender stereotypes.

Claudia and Lucía have developed an app to help COVID patients

Four Valencian girls created the Hosly app developed with the aim of improving the quality of life of hospitalized children. The app won the second prize in the Technovation held at the Universitat Politècnica de València in 2019 and was a finalist in the Read more

Paula works at the Emergency Management Centre

Paula has always liked physics and mathematics “because these are the subjects that help us the most in understanding our daily lives”. The support of her family and her environment were key in the development of her educational and professional career. Today, she works as head of the Information and Communication Technologies department of the Valencian Society for the Integral Management of Emergency Services.

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María W. Pascual learns handicrafts on Youtube

María looks after two girls. She uses WhatsApp to be in touch with her friends and family. Moreover, she spends her free time making handicrafts that she learns watching videos that she finds on YouTube. María encourages older people to lose their fear and “discover the enormous world” offered by technology and the Internet.

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