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The purpose of the Chair for the Digital Gender Gap is to promote knowledge about the causes, consequences and solutions to the digital gender gap within the framework of the actions of the Digital Gap Observatory, which is attached to the Regional Ministry of Innovation:

  1. To make possible the participation, the co-elaboration of knowledge and the transfer of information regarding the digital gap in the Valencian Community.
  2. To participate in the evaluation and design of public policies in the fight against the digital gap and the development of the digital society, ensuring the transparency, efficiency, effectiveness and equality of public action. From a holistic perspective, the Observatory diagnoses and monitors people's digital gap situation from a geographical, gender, generational and functional diversity point of view in terms of access, acquisition of digital skills and good use of ICT. The development of a system of indicators and their maintenance over time will be the basic instrument for identifying the population and the geographical areas most affected by the digital gap, as well as for evaluating policies.
  3. The Digital Divide Observatory will participate in identifying and proposing corrective measures for situations of digital divide caused by actions implemented by the bodies of the Valencian Government.