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Girls4STEM Professional talk, International Women’s Day special in collaboration with DataBeersVLC

  • Web and Marketing Unit
  • February 23rd, 2024

The aim of this event is to listen to our female experts in STEM while enjoying a drink in a relaxing atmosphere.

Cartell 30é Data Beers

For one more year, and on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, we have organised a special 8M talk in collaboration with the DataBeersVLC project. The talk will take place next Thursday 7 March 2024 at 19:00 in the Octubre Contemporary Culture Centre. For in-person attendance: Register for the 30th DataBeers VLC

In case you cannot attend, you can still enjoy the event live on our YouTube channel.

DataBeersVLC is the reference meetup about data science in Valencia since 2016. It is part of the DataBeers non-for-profit, present in more than 20 cities around the world.

The talk features:

  • Ariadna Fuertes. Associate Professor in the area of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the Universitat de València. She takes part in multidisciplinary projects in the area of digital humanities and coordinates the technical development of three phases of the ASODAT project.

Talk: Revealing the secrets of the Spanish Golden Age Theatre through the magic of data. In this talk we will travel to the Spanish Golden Age Theatre through an analysis of theatrical data from the ASODAT project databases. We will explore how information crossing can help researchers make discoveries or solve the mysteries of golden works, hidden in isolated data but which can emerge by harnessing the power of digital information.

  • Núria Zamorano. Doctor in Chemical, Environmental and Process Engineering by the Universitat de València (2020). Part of the R&D Department of Acciona‘s Water Division as Responsible for Projects. She collaborates with the Young Water Professionals network, which belongs to the International Water Association.
    Talk: ¿Drop by drop or data by data?
    Núria will share how she first made contact with Big Data through the microbiological study of water treatment systems. Also, she will present the studies that are currently being developed to improve our operational capacity of the integral water cycle, taking advantage of the massive study of data. All of this will highlight the importance of taking care of such a valuable and basic resource as water.
  • Susana Prieto. Agricultural engineer and Bachelor's Degree in Food Science and Technology by the UPV. Operations Director at Celestica Valencia.
    Talk: Production, Low Volume High Mix. ¿Data or magic?
    Let's imagine a scenario in which we will manufacture more than 1,000 different avionics, defence, industrial, electro-medical and automotive products. With lots ranging from one unit to thousands in a week and sizes that go from an apple to a refrigerator. And many more variables. This scenario is my job. My motto: The harder, the more amusing. Let me tell you about it.
  • Celia Rodríguez. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and years of experience in the supply chain, she decided to change paths to become a Distribution Consultant. After spending some time in ERP implementation, she decided to changes sides and focus her efforts on Business Consulting as a Sage X3 specialist and agnostic analyst for management systems needs.
    Talk: There is only one truth.
    This talk will address the economic impact that an ERP can have on an enterprise thanks to the management of single data sources, perceived through the evolution of some of the most relevant markers present in any company.

This talk is part of the activities organised by Girls4STEM from the ETSE-UV, the Office of the Vice-Principal for Equality, Diversity and Inclusive Policies, the Equality Unit and the Office of the Vice-Principal for Innovation and Transfer at the Universitat de València. Moreover, this talk receives support and funding from the Valencian Employment Service (LABORA) of the Valencian government (Generalitat Valenciana).

The main objective of the Girls4STEM project is to promote STEM areas among the general public, especially among girls.

More information on the objectives and activities of Girls4STEM at the project website. Follow us on social media:

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