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  1. Assess the research activities

CEIHUV is the collegiate body that assesses with accuracy, impartiality, respect and efficiency all the ethical, methodological and legal aspects of UV research activities that:

  • Include research on human beings
  • Use biological samples of human beings
  • Use personal data. However, CEIHUV does not assess clinical trials of drugs and the insertions of organs, tissues and cells of any kind.
  1. Issue assessment opinions

CEIHUV issues opinions after they have conducted an assessment. CEIHUV conducts this duty without the prejudice of the legal reports carried out by university legal services or any other when university regulations require it. Therefore every organism acts within their competences.

  1. Tracking the research activities

CEIHUV is the responsible organism of tracking the research activities in accordance with the Law and the favorable report of previous assessments.

  1. Write suggestions, guides of good research practices and organism training events

CEIHUV writes suggestions and guidelines of good practices. It also organises training events on ethical research on humans, their samples and personal data that make the work of teachers and researchers easier.

  1. Establishing external relationships

CEIHUV establishes contacts and collaborations with other committees, associations, institutions or similar bodies that it considers useful and related to their objectives and functions.

  1. Others

CEIHUV will accomplish all the roles that the current regulations assign to it. In addition, it will develop the UV regulation of Biomedical Research and Management.