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The deadline for registration is 15 May 2022.

Registrations can be requested via the following link

Access to the congress:


The deadline for submission of paper proposals is 25 April 2022.

Extension of the deadline to send communications proposals until May 08, 2022.

Abstracts of paper proposals should be sent to the following email address

Requirements for submission of communication:

  1. Abstract of between 500 and 1000 characters in length. It can be written in Spanish, Valencian or English. It must include: Title, objective and conclusions and indicate the field to which the communication relates.
  2. The subject of the paper must be related to any of the following thematic axes:
    1. Right to care.
    2. Right to take care.
  3. Those wishing to attend the congress and/or participate in it by presenting a paper must register and send the abstract by the indicated deadline. 

Recommendations for the drafting of summaries

  1. Make sure that your submission is related to the right to care and/or the right to care. 
  2. In your abstract, provide information on the school or department (etc.) and university to which all authors belong, and make sure it is clear who will be presenting if the paper is multi-authored. 
  3. Try to avoid going into too much background on the right to care and the right to care, as the conference attendees will be knowledgeable about these issues. 
  4. You should not need more than one sentence to set the specific context of your study/article. Indicate the objectives, methodology and main results of your study/article.