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Pre-enrollment end 04/10/2021

Pre-registration site

Documentation to be provided


General regulations

  • If you want to present the pre-enrolment and documentation in paper format, you must download, follow the instructions and fill the following form.
  • No application for registration will be accepted without being duly completed.
  • The applicants accept to take the tests and/or interview for their selection, which will be previously convened by the selection committee.
  • The selection will be made by the commission that is established in each case following the orders of the course director.
  • In case of place resignation the student must communicate it to ADEIT - University-Business Foundation.


Postgraduate and Specialisation Studies regulations of the Universitat de València (Extract)

  • Article 4. Non-Official Master’s Degree
    1. To entry the master’s degree it is necessary to hold an official Spanish university degree or another degree issued by a higher education institution within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that allows the entry to master’s degree studies in the country of issuance, or an equivalent certificate issued outside the European Higher Education Area that accredits a training level equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish university degrees and allows the entry to posgraduate studies in the country of issuance.
    2. Nevertheless, access will be allowed, on a conditional basis to obtain a university degree in the same academic year, to people who have less than a 10% of the credits left to complete these studies.
    3. Passing the master’s degree studies will give the right, where appropriate, to obtain the corresponding Master's Degree in “...” by the Universitat de València.
  • Articles 5 and 6. Specialisation diploma and University expert degree
    1. In order to access these studies, students must accredit the same university degree requirements as for non-official master’s degree studies.
    2. Passing them will give the right, where appropriate, to obtain the corresponding Specialisation diploma in “...” or University Expert Degree in “...” by the Universitat de València.
    3. Exceptionally and according to the curriculum, professionals without university qualification will also be able to access these studies, although in these cases they will not be able to obtain the degree of diploma, just a certificate of achievement.
  • Article 7.- University certificates
    1. In order to access these certificates students must prove that they are able to access university education. Likewise, professionals without previous university certificates and with an accredited experience will be able to access these studies, provided that this aspect is explicitly contemplated in the corresponding curriculum.
    2. These studies will result in obtaining a university certificate.
  • Article 19.- About the pre-enrolment
    1. After the pre-enrolment period, if the demand for places in a certain course is lower than the minimum number of students established in the course proposal, the course offer will be declined and it will not be taught, unless the principal re-adjusts the budget in order to make it economically viable.
    2. The admission will be communicated to the pre-enrolled people informing them of the procedures for the enrolment and the date and place of beginning of the course.
  • Article 20.- About the enrolment
    1. The students who are admitted will enrol in the complete course.
    2. The payment of the enrolment will be made before the beginning of the course, and it can be fractioned according to the established by the Office of the Vice-Principal competent in the matter of postgraduate studies. The non-payment of the second term will entail the annulment of the student's enrolment without the right to reimbursement of the already paid amount. Once enrolled, the student who ceases for justified reasons before 10 working days from the beginning of the course will be refunded 50% of the amount of the enrolment.
    3. The annulment of the enrolment will always be justified by any of the following causes: illness, work, economic breakdown of the family unit or any other cause that, in the opinion of the director, is considered comparable to the previous ones.

Important: The issuance fee of Degrees and Certificates is not included.