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To access official Master’s Degrees, it is necessary to have a Spanish official university title or any other one on the condition that it must be provided by an institution belonging to the European Higher Education Area authorised by the pertinent country to the access to the Master’s Degree.

Likewise, graduate students from educational systems outside the EHEA can access to it without needing the accreditation of their qualification, after verification by the University of Valencia that certifies an equivalent level of training to the official Spanish qualification and which confers in the issuance country of the degree the access to postgraduate studies. If accessing this way, this will not mean in any case that the title is homologated.

The students’ admission will be decided by the Academic Coordinating Commission of the Master’s Degree, named by the Doctoral Studies Committee of the Universitat de València proposed by the Committee of the Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences. The Master’s Degree in Contemporary Philosophical Thought is open to graduated and/or licensed and/or holders of a diploma of any speciality.

Admission Criteria
  • Curriculum vitae: 100% of total assessment (or 70% in those cases in which an interview with the candidate is done), distributed the following way:

    o Academic record: up to 40 points.

    o Knowledge of foreign languages: up to 20 points.

    o Professional Experience: up to 20 points.

    o Courses, congresses, internships in other universities, etc.: up to 20 points.
  • Personal interview carried out by the Committee for Academic Coordination of the Master’s Degree, in those cases that it considers it as necessary. The result of the interview will contribute with a 30% of the total score.