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Master’s Degree Final Project Guide

1. Choice of the topic and assignment of director

The Master’s Degree Final Project (TFM) counts with 12 ETCS and will be made under the direction of a tutor. The student shall contact with a Master’s degree professor and propose him, according to the interests that both shall share, possible topics of the TFM. (You can find profiles of the teaching staff linked to the Master’s degree which includes brief descriptions of their interests as researchers).

A professor who accepts to lead the TFM of a student shall sign the registration form of the TFM. No professor can lead more than three TFM (nor sign, therefore, more than three registration forms).

Once completed, the registration forms of the TFM shall be referred by the student to the ACC of the Master’s degree before the 10 November 2018. For that, the student can deliver the registration forms to the Master’s degree secretary’s office (Department of Philosophy Secretary, ground floor, annexe building) or the student can scan the registration forms and send them by e-mail to the following address:

If any enrolled student in the TFM has not send the application for registration duly completed before the 10 November 2018, the ACC will act on his own initiative and assign him a tutor.

2. Supervision of the TFM and project plan

After the assignment of tutors, each student will contact with his tutor in order to make the first appointment.

During the first appointment, it will be established the project plan supervision in which the tour will guide the student about the recurrence of the appointments, the number of preliminary versions of TFM which he will correct, the dateline to deliver the final version and any other questions which are pertinent in order to plan the development of a TFM and the supervision of the student’s work.

3. TFM Format

The project shall have thematic unit and shall answer a reasoned and critical elaboration. The expositive clearness, the thoroughness in argumentation and the originality will be essential factors in the evaluation of the work. The work cannot consists of a mere summary of the works consulted and shall comply with the formal conditions of an academic work with regard to the spelling correction and grammatical accuracy.

COVER, ABSTRACT AND INDEX The TFM will include an initial cover, an abstract of the work between 150-200 words and an index of contents. On the cover of the TFM - whose prescriptive model (word format) can be downloaded here - must include the following information:

  • Emblem of the Universitat de València
  • Name of the Master’s degree studied
  • TFM Title
  • Name and surname of the author
  • Name and surname of the tutor or tutors of the TFM
  • Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences
  • Month and year

STRUCTURE. The TFM shall have the following structure:

  • Introduction
  • State of play
  • Development and organization
  • Conclusions
  • Bibliography

In order to carry out the TFM, the databases of Humanities subscribed by the Universitat de València shall be consulted. If the topic requires it, the TFM structure may be modified with the approval of the tutor.

CHAPTERS AND SECTIONS. If it is necessary to distinguish sections within a chapter, these should be numbered correspondingly indicating the chapter to which these sections belong: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, ..., in the case of a chapter 1; 2.1, 2.2 ..., in chapter 2; etc.

LENGTH. The length of a TFM shall have among 16.000 and 24.000 words, counting the principal text and notes. The bibliographic references do not count and there is not a limit on this matter.

LINE SPACING, MARGINS AND FONTS. The TFM will be presented with 1.5 line spacing and printed on both sides. The margins of the page will be: top and bottom margins 2,5cm; right and left margins 3 cm. The advised font in the main text is Times New Roman 12. In the event of the notes and the bibliography the line spacing will be of 1 line spacing and the advised font is Times New Roman 11.

PAGE NUMBERING. The page numbering shall start on the first page of the text, without numbering the cover, the abstract and the index. In order to leave in the right side the page with the number 1 (the first of the TFM text), a page will be left blank if necessary. It is also convenient to leave a blank page when initiating a new chapter, if it is necessary, to ensure that the first page of the chapter is on the right side.

NOTES, CITATION AND BIBLIOGRAPHY. It is preferable to include the notes as footnotes instead of at the end of the document. The citation system and the bibliography shall comply with some of the standardized systems. In particular, the two most widespread ways to quote are author-work and author-date, as set out by the guide for author of the magazine Diánoia.  In any case, the guidelines for authors of other magazines like Análisis Filosófico, Crítica, Daimon, Theoria, Teorema and similar can also be followed because they are different variants of one of the two previous models.

4. Master’s Degree Final Project Deposit

Under the current rules of the Universitat de València, the TFM must be deposited through the ENTREU platform, as set forth here.

The student shall upload to the platform the following documents in PDF format: (a) the Master’s Degree Final Project, (b) the deposit form of the TFM, completely filled up including the signature with the approval of the tutor and (c) a summary of 150 to 200 words for the announcement of the project at the website of the Master.

Subsequently, the student shall hand at the Secretary of the Logic and Scientific Philosophy Department: (a) three print copies of the TFM; (b) a signed document where the original authorship is declared; and (c) a copy of the supporting document for the presentation of the TFM through the ENTREU platform which is generated at the end of the process.

The deposit shall be made with a minimum anticipation of 10 calendar days to the planned date to its defence and, in any case, before the day (date to be confirmed). (The dates of deposit and defence of the TFM in first and second call will be downloadable here soon.)

5. Master’s Degree Final Project Defence and Assessment

The assessment of the TFM will be the responsibility of one of the TFM Assessment Committees formed by the ACC to that effect and it will be done after the presentation and defence of the TFM in a public session, as the Regulations of the Final Master’s Project of the Universitat de València indicates. The defence of the TFM deposited in the second call will take place on (date to be confirmed).

The public defence will have an approximate duration of 60 minutes. The author of the TFM will start with an initial presentation of approximate 15 minutes; then, each member of the Assessment Committee will intervene for approx. 10 minutes and will raise the concerns he may consider appropriate related to the presented project, observations that the author will have to answer.

The tutor of each TFM will attend to his defence and the president of the Assessment Committee will give him the floor to expose his perceptions about the project when the interventions of the student and members of the committee finish. After the intervention, the public session will be declared concluded and the Assessment Committee will withdraw to deliberate in private.

As deemed appropriate, the tutor will send to the president of the Assessment Committee a report about the project before the defence. The submission of this report will be prescriptive when the tutor can not attend the defence act.

The TFM may obtain a maximum grade of 10 with an option to honours. To assess the TFM the following issues will be taken into consideration:

Rigour on the expression, exposure and argumentation

Understanding of the topic

Critical capacity

Originality of the conclusions

Knowledge and utilisation of sources, bibliography and bibliographic resources

The consultation of some articles in a foreign language must be validated.

Submission and defence in the act of reading

Approx. the 20% of the final note will depend of the submission and public defence of the TFM by the student and the 80% remaining will depend on the deposited project bearing in mind the aspects mentioned in the previous point.

If the Assessment Committee considers that a TFM assessed with a grade equal or higher to 9 must be consider as a candidate for honour, it must appear in the assessment statement.

The Assessment Committee will not communicate directly to the student the obtained grade after the public defence of the TFM. The assessment statements duly completed shall be directed to the ACC of the Master’s degree, which will be the person in charge of communicating the obtained grades to the students in a short timeframe.