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Description and characteristics

The Master’s Degree in Contemporary Philosophical Thought of the Universitat de València offers philosophic training on ideas, concepts, currents of thought and ruling discussions in contemporary public discussions about philosophy, culture, art, politics, religion, science and technology.

This Master’s Degree is open to two perspectives: a training one and a research one. The first one aims to promote knowledge on the main problems and contemporary discussions of philosophic relevance among students, as well as its comprehension in the relationships of philosophy with different culture and thought circles. This perspective is especially interesting for those who are graduated or licensed in Philosophy, Humanities, History, History of Art, Political science, Sociology, Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Philology, Architecture or Fine Arts. The second perspective aims to make it easier for students to access the Third Cycle of Philosophy Studies (meaning Doctorate).


Our proposal

We have recently renewed our curriculum in order to (a) reach philosophical that were disregarded in the past, like for example the aesthetics, the moral philosophy and the political philosophy; and (b) increase optional subjects so that it is easier for the student to organise their studies according their intellectual interests.

Among the job opportunities of this Master’s Degree:

  • Third Cycle of Philosophy Studies
  • Cultural management, editorial management, communication, cultural critics and intellectual advice;
  • Cultural management, especially in human and social sciences;
  • Philosophy training and similar subjects to different levels.