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Master’s degree objectives

  • To go deep into the knowledge of the main problems and contemporary discussions in different fields of Philosophy.
  • To develop an ability of critic reflection on the present and its problems based on the conceptual resources historically provided by Philosophy.
  • To go deep into the knowledge of Modernity and its roots in the history of ideas.
  • To increase the comprehension of relationships and conflicts among different culture fields and ideas: philosophy, science, law, religion, politics and art.
  • To improve the ability to explore philosophical problems involved in cultural fields which are not necessarily philosophical.
  • To develop the ability to identify different ways of reasoning, as well as the pertinent rhetorical and logical skills.
Job opportunities

The Master’s Degree in Contemporary Philosophical Thought allows the access to the Third Cycle of Philosophy Studies. On the other hand, it improves the expectations of professional promotion in non-philosophic fields like cultural management, editorial management, journalism, communication, cultural critics and intellectual advice. It also enriches the training of students whose professional projection is related to research, specially in human and social sciences. Likewise, it improves the training for the access to teaching in Philosophy training and similar subjects to different levels.