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International Congress on Ethics and Democracy

  • July 3rd, 2017
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The International Congress on Ethics and Democracy will take place on 6, 7 and 8 November at the Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences of the Universitat de València. The term for submitting communication proposals is open and will end on 15 July.

The International Congress on Ethics and Democracy was born with the aim of creating a space for critic reflection based on the researches of the graduates of the Interuniversity Programme of the Master’s Degree and Doctoral Programme in Ethics and Democracy of the Universitat de València and the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón.

The Full Professor Adela Cortina has coordinated the Doctoral Programme since its creation in 1987. This congress shows society the contributions made by graduates to the development of more autonomous and co-responsible citizens and professionals, as well as to the construction of a fairer and happier world.


International Congress on Ethics and Democracy 2017

Dr. Juan Carlos Siurana (Universitat de València) and Dr. Elsa González Esteban (UJI) are the Directors of the Congress On the other hand, the Organising Committee of the Congress is formed by Dr. María José Codina (Universitat de València) and Dr. Ramón Feenstra (UJI).

This year, history and present of the Moral, Political and Social Philosophy will frame the lectures, which will approach many different issues related to these fields of knowledge. For this reason, will be accepted reflections on ethical theories, studies of classical and contemporary authors, theories of democracy and citizenship, ethics of development and all applied ethics, such as bioethics, economic and business ethics, Ethics of education, ethics of the media, ethics of science and technology and ethics of sport, among others.

Will also be accepted the communications of graduates who are expanding the so-called Valencia School, that is, those who, inspired by the contributions of Professor Adela Cortina and her research group, take as a starting point their works on ethics of discourse, critical hermeneutics and ethics of cordial reason, mediating with it between theory and practice.


Requirements for the submission of communication proposals

  • Registration is free and limited to the graduates of the interuniversity programme of the Master’s Degree and the Doctoral Programme in Ethics and Democracy.
  • The deadline is on 15 July
  • Attaching a summary with a maximum extension of 200 words
  • The maximum extension of the final text of the accepted communications will be of 3,000 words, with which a book will be edited.
  • On 31 applicants will be informed about the acceptation of the communication
  • The deadline for sending the complete communication is on 30 November
  • Only a communication per person will be accepted
  • It shall be sent to: congreso.eticaydemocracia@hotmail.com