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Why should you study the Master’s Degree in Research and Development in Biotechnology and Biomedicine?

  • May 15th, 2017
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Last 12 May took place the presentation of the Master's Degree in R&D in Biotechnology and Biomedicine where were given details about the contents and organisation of the Master’s degree to inform the attendants about the subjects and its approach. Furthermore, they spotlighted that the aim of the Master’s degree was to offer a high-quality training oriented to the skills practice and acquisition.

The Master’s Degree in R&D in Biotechnology and Biomedicine was created to offer the students an appropriate Master’s degree in Biotechnology or Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences (although students from other degrees are also welcome), supplementing the theoretical training gathered with practical skills connected to the Biotechnology and Biomedicine. The Master’s Degree is aimed to those students intending to write the Doctoral Thesis or accede to laboratories of R&D in research companies.

One of the pillars on which the master has been built is the approach to the practical applications, prioritising the skills about the knowledge and this has been reflected in the academic programme: a long Master's Year Degree Final Project  (30 credits), analysis of practical cases in class, classes in IT classroom, hospitals...

Another aim of the Master’s degree in R&D in Biotechnology and Biomedicine is to offer the highest quality training, for that purpose the teaching staff has been carefully selected and a maximum quota of 32 students has been stablished (25 in the 2016-2017 academic year).

During the basic training will be tackled the advanced technologies in cellular and molecular biology, the formation in the business world of the Byotechnology and the biomedical research carried out in hospitals and investigation centres. These contents will be consolidate during the first quarter, leaving only 3 credits of theoretical training for the second quarter, which will be dedicated fully to the Master's Year Degree Final Project (TFM).


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The TFM is carried out in laboratories of the UV or in laboratories of companies and research centres that collaborate. From the Master’s Degree organisation, will be offered topics and projects but the students will also have the possibility to agree it with other internal and external researchers. During the 2016-2017 academic year, more than 20 topics of TFM were offered in addition to the previously agreed.

The TFM in the 16-17 academic year were developed in the following centres:

     - 9 in laboratories of the UV:F. Biological, 3 F. Medicine, 2 F. Pharmacy.

     - 4 in laboratories companies: 3 in Biópolis, 1 Igenomix (Parc Científic UV).

     -6 in Collaborating Research Centres: 4 in  I.A.T.A.-CSIC, 1 IBV-CSIC, 1 CIPF.

     - 6 in Hospitals: 4 in  La Fe, 1  Hospital General, 1 INCLIVA.

To learn more, you can consult the presentation that was projected during the intervention of the Director of the Master’s degree José E. Pérez in the Scientific Session celebrated last week at the Assembly Hall of the Eduard Boscà Library (Universitat de València, Campus de Burjassot).