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Gender Equality Unities annual conference

The Network of Gender Equality Unities for University Excellence (RUIGEU), made up of 50 unities, observatories and offices for equality in Spanish public universities, has been launching a meeting each year since 2008. The aim is to co-work and enjoy the resources coming from the different unities, offices, observatories, research groups and people who work in gender equality in Spanish universities to make the task visible, develop common policies, and build links between public and private entities against gender discrimination. The conferences are presented as a working and reflection space where balance, research and teaching proposals for universities were formulated aiming to: Analyse the challenges arising from the measures of work-life balance in university. In terms of research, discuss both the role of women as subject and object in scientific works and our resources to bring gender perspective into research. In terms of teaching, analyse the tools to create gender awareness among students and overcome any barrier that prevent women from pursuing their scientific vocation.