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What is the network?

The Network of Gender Equality Unities for University Excellence (RUIGEU) gathers all the unities, offices, observatories, commissions, secretariats of equal opportunities for women and men at Spanish publics universities and private universities that solicit the adhesion.

There has been an explicit demand for networking among the different university services in the field of equality at the different Meetings of Equality Unities and Offices of Spanish universities. Therefore, during the 3rd Meeting of Equality Unities and Offices of the Spanish universities, held on 21 November in Lleida, the first steps were taken to create a network of Equality Unities of Spanish Universities called Unities Network of Gender Equality Unities for University Excellence (RUIGEU), to which twenty five Spanish universities adhered. 

On September 2018, the Equality Unit of the UV takes over the coordination of RUIGEU. The change has implied the creation of this new dynamic and attractive website hosted on the institutional website Universitat de València, as well as the design of a new logo that we hope will contribute to give visibility and recognition to the network.

The objectives of this network respond to the need to work together and coordinate to take advantage of the efforts and resources of the different unities, offices, observatories, research groups and people working on gender equality in Spanish universities, optimize the existing resources and share experiences among the different equality entities of the university environment. Specifically, the objectives of the network are the following:

  • Share experiences, activities, solutions and resources;
  • Get information, advise and provide mutual support;
  • Generate common policies and actions to overcome obstacles that hinder or prevent the achievement of equality between women and men;
  • Make visible the defence of equal opportunities between women and men in universities;
  • Establish links with public and private, local, regional, state and international entities committed to equal opportunities between women and men and non-discrimination based on sex.

The virtual platform that we present is a meeting point to work for the achievement of the exposed objectives. From its creation in 2009, it has been managed and coordinated from the Dolors Piera Centre for Equal Opportunities and Promotion of Women of the Universitat of Lleida. On September 2018, this management is assumed by the Equality Unit of the Universitat de València.

Given its public nature, it will aim to inform about the activities on equal opportunities of different universities, as well as provide advice and digital resources to all people who consult the platform.