Degree number of credits: 60

Compulsory credits: 15

Elective credits: 33

Final project: 12

Degree code: 2203

Years: 1

Teaching type: face-to-face

Knowledge branch: Social and legal science

Master degree website:

Places available for new students: 30

Minimum number of enrolment credits per student: 36

Price per credit
[2023-2024 academic year]:
35,34 €

Management Centre: Faculty of Economics

Languages used in class: Spanish

Participating Universities: University of Valencia

Academic Coordinating Committee: Carlos Ochando Claramunt (Director)
María Caballer Tarazona
Juan Carlos Dalmau Lliso
Margarita Rohr Truscheleva
Antonio Sánchez Andrés
Luis Vila Lladosa
Diana Talón Salvador (PAS)

Academic, scientific or professional interest: Economic policy studies the relevance of state intervention in the economy. Currently, there are no pure market economies; on the contrary, contemporary societies have mixed economies that we can’t understand without taking into account the presence of the state in economy. In short, economic activities take place in an institutional framework shaped by state regulation and intervention. Economic policy is not only the study of a part of the economy, it reflects a perspective of the operation of all economic systems as a whole, since all economic activities are developed in an institutional framework defined and regulated by state intervention. This Master’s degree is research-oriented. First, its academic relevance is reflected on its current potential demand. It is intended for students who want to deepen their knowledge in Economic Policy and Public Economics and who have completed degrees in the field of Economics, Business Management and Administration, Tourism, Marketing, International Business and Finance and Accounting, but also for graduates in Social Sciences such as Law, Sociology, Political Science, Labour Relations, Journalism, etc. Second, this Master’s degree offers the opportunity to develop research skills and qualifies students to write a doctoral thesis in the framework of doctoral studies. It is therefore of interest to students who wish to pursue a professional research or academic career. The Master’s Degree in Economic Policy and Public Economics is also relevant for the professional field. On the one hand, it allows students to develop research skills that qualifies them to write a doctoral thesis and, therefore, opens the way to an academic career. On the other hand, it is a training platform to develop a professional research career outside the University, in research centres, consulting firms, companies and organisations in the social, business and public sector (such as the Regional Ministry for Finance and Employment, Valencian Institute of Finance, Feria de Muestras de Valencia, Chamber of Commerce, Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Centre for the Study of Social and Cooperative Economy, trade unions, NGOs, etc.). Moreover, given its specialisation in public economy, it is also relevant to students who want to prepare for competitive examinations for access to public servant positions.

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