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Presentation of the book ‘Mestres de mestres’

Invitación a la presentación

Date: 2 march 2020 at 18:00 to 20:00. Monday.


Place: Principal Peset Hall of Residence


The presentation of the book ‘Mestres de mestres. 150 anys de formació de mestres valencianes’ will take place on Monday 2 March at 18:00.

In the event will take part Mavi Mestre, principal of the Universitat de València; Francesc Xavier Rius, the Culture deputy of the Valencian Council; Teresa Ferrer, director of Publicacions de la Universitat de València; M. del Carmen Agulló Díaz and Blanca Juan Agulló, authors of the book.

The Escuela Normal de Maestras de Valencia (Normal School for Female Teachers of Valencia) was opened on 5 October 1867 supported by the Universitat, the City Council and the Government of Valencia. Over 150 years, this public institution, which is secular and originally specifically female, has trained the female teachers who have educated women in Valencian schools. The path through its history shows us the double pedagogical and social commitment of female teachers and students, the efforts to turn it into a renewing and prestigious centre in the first third of the 20th century, the defeat during Franco's regime and the difficulties related to the pedagogical recovery until reaching the current Faculty of Teacher Training. At the same time, it allows us to discover the evolution of the Valencian society and the tensions produced between the most innovative and the most traditional models of women. All this presented in a few pages of history of the Valencian education, until now unknown, where women were the undisputed protagonists.

Organized by:

Publicacions de la Universitat de València and Principal Peset Hall of Residence.


Contact: marqueting@uv.es

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