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CIG-UV is a university space in Gandia that was created as a result of the successful organisation of the Summer University and the subsequent consolidation of the office and the project. The collaboration of the City Council of Gandia in the project for more than 30 years has been essential.

Apart from the Summer School, that has already organised 36 editions, the centre has other activities that are related to education, research, transference of knowledge and culture.

One of the main activities is the programme called Unimajors, which consists in teaching people who are 50 years or older.  In addition, the Centre develops several non-official degrees of the Universitat de València, as well as training courses for graduates. At the same time, several courses, conferences, sessions and other training activities are taught for university students and workers, so that they can continue their education.

Research and transference of results is another objective of the Centre. This is because the Centre is linked to the large number of fields of knowledge that are taught at the Universitat de València and aims to get the projects and results of research closer to the inhabitants of the region.

The Universitat also works as a disseminator of culture. In this sense, the Centre organises numerous activities: concerts, exhibitions, open tables, book presentations and other cultural activities.

CIG-UV is the presence of the Universitat de València in the region and the surrounding districts. Therefore, the relationship with the local environment is essential to achieve our goals. These relationships have been established with public institutions (mainly city councils), the business network, all types of associations, civil organisations...

This is a public and Valencian university that serves the people of our region to improve our environment and our quality of life.

Jorge Hermosilla Pla (Vice-principal of Participation and Territorial Education)

J. Emili Aura Tortosa (Director CIG-UV)