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The inhabitants of the region are also an essential audience of the Centre of Gandia because we consider that the objective of the university is not only educating but also to organise cultural events.

The Centre of Gandia has an intense cultural life that allows making culture an economic asset for the whole region.  The CG has an agreement with the Philharmonic Orchestra of the University of Valencia so that they play 4 concerts a year (1 concert per season)

Conferences, panels of discussion, presentations of books and debates about news and issues of university interest take place quite often.

Recently, the CG has signed an agreement with the Valencian Academy of the Language. This agreement has created the Valencian Space for Culture, that programmes every month activities in Gandia.

Additionally, the CG is involved in the Space for Economy. It is a space for political and economic reflection jointly created by the newspaper Levante, the campus of Gandia of the UPV, the Fòrum del Diàleg and the Institut Ignasi Villalonga.

The cultural and playful activities of the Summer University should also be mentioned.